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'Extracts From 100 Italian Vogue Covers' is a poster photo series created by renowned photographer Mark Borthwick.


This poster project comprises extracts onto six different posters from the outtakes of the photoshoot '100 covers, 100 people, 100 stories' for the September 2020 issue of Vogue Italia. Photographs were shot by Mark Borthwick, styled by Carlos Nazario and art directed by Ferdinando Verderi.


This photo series is described as a portrait of a community that, having waited diligently, now finds itself making a fresh start. A cast of 100 people with interesting stories, talents in the most diverse fields, icons of the past, people who have nothing to do with fashion, of all ages were asked to tell the story of their life.

Mark Borthwick and his team wheatpasted these posters throughout the streets of NYC in Manhattan and Brooklyn to share this art. Mark is now offering the gift of these posters with donations made to Raising The World.

For a donation of $100 + shipping, you will receive a set of six posters (11x17 inch) signed by Mark, and for a donation of $600 + shipping, you will receive a set of six large posters (4x6 feet).

You can make your contribution on our donations page or through the PayPal link below. Please provide your shipping details and phone number at checkout.

Product Details

  • Set of six signed 11" x 17"  gloss posters

  • Set of six 4' x 6' posters printed on matte wheatpaste stock*

*Please note that wheatpaste paper can be fragile. Please use care when unboxing your posters.

Shipping Details

Set of 6 (11x17") posters

  • Domestic shipping = $11

  • International shipping = $27

Set of 6 (4x6') Wheatpaste posters

  • Domestic shipping = $22

  • International shipping = $75

*Domestic shipping is within continental USA

Posters will be shipped via USPS, arrival time will vary based on delivery location.

Posters are made-to-order in small batches, so please allow around 7 days to produce prior to shipping. Please add the appropriate shipping cost as listed above to your generous donation.

Thank you for supporting this beautiful project and our organization.

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